Aquarius Likes and Dislikes

Aquarius Likes and Dislikes - hot-air-balloons-150x150When you know what Aquarius likes and dislikes, it is easier for you to understand the Aquarian mind and know what things will appeal to him or her and which things will turn him or her off. This list by no means is exhaustive, but it will give you better insight into Aqaurians.

Things Aquarius Likes

Sports: The Aquarius likes aerobic sports which will get their entire body working. They usually enjoy sports that are fast paced, changing, and moving, such as bicycling, hiking, walking, swimming, and others. Do not be surprised if the Aquarian takes an interest in a new sport on a regular basis.

Causes: Aquarians are very passionate in Humanitarian causes and beliefs. An Aquarian may feel right at home volunteering for special causes or in charity work and helping others. Others may take an interest in political issues.

Foods: Aquarians love foods such as strawberries, figs, green leafy vegetables, and others. They will not hesitate about trying new or unusual foods.

Virtues: Aquarians love freedom and independence, and seeing others embrace these things as well. They have a positive outlook on life, and so this is important to them as well.

Social: They are social people and love being around others. They love to have stimulating conversations and are very outgoing so enjoy meeting others.

Intellect: Aquarians love to dream big and explore the world of possibilities around them. They enjoy learning about new things, and love change and excitement. Everything for them is a learning experience and an opportunity.

Gadgets & Innovations: Aquarius loves technology and new things and innovations made to improve the quality of life. Don’t be surprised if the Aquarius is constantly looking for the latest and greatest in new inventions, or even working to make their own. Since this sun sign tends to be on the eccentric side, you may notice they may have a strange habit of collecting other things as well.

Things Aquarius Dislikes:

Limitations: Aquarians believe that anything is possible, and so any limitations or criticism of this is not taken well. Trying to control them, telling them they can’t do something, trying to change them, or other things that impose on their freedom do not go over well.

Neediness: Aquarians believe in independence, and so they do not like others to depend on them or feel as if they need them for survival.

Loneliness: An Aquarius does not like to be alone, and will try to surround him or herself with people as much as possible.

Emotions: It is not that the Aquarius is incapable of feeling, it is just that he or she does not believe that emotions are practical or necessary to enjoy or succeed in life – and instead see them as something that may get in the way. Do not expect an Aquarian to talk deeply about feelings.

Violence: Although Aquarians may often accidentally hurt someone’s feelings because of their emotional detachment, they would never purposely hurt anyone or anything, emotionally or physically.

Now that you know some of the common Aquarius likes and dislikes, you will better understand how to get to know an Aquarian better or what you can do to attract one if you are romantically interested in one.


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