Aquarius Men: How to Apologize to One

Aquarius Men - How to Apologize to One - apologize-aquarian-men-150x150It’s never easy to learn how to apologize to someone, and this is especially true when apologizing to Aquarius men. The Aquarius man does not become easily upset or offended, and so when they are angered, it can be difficult to get back

Aquarius men are not overly emotional, and they cannot really express emotion that well, though this of course means they feel no feelings. Because they do not acknowledge emotions or understand them, taking a traditional approach on giving an emotional apology does not generally go over very well.

The first thing to do is to think about what you need to apologize about and the damage and consequences done by your actions. Something that is small and trivial is far easier to ask for forgiveness for than something much more serious.

Consider what his reaction may have been when you did something to upset him. Did he get angry and yell at you? Or did he just shake you off and walk away to absorb himself in something that does not make him upset? Aquarians are not usually confrontational, but if you do something to provoke their ignored emotional side, it could get ugly. As they tend to bottle up all of their emotions, sometimes that bottle can become too full.

Timing is everything when choosing to apologize. Don’t do it while he is still angry or upset. Give him some time to relax and look at the situation practically and logically. Aquarians are very logical thinkers, and often times having time to really think about how or why something may have happened will help him realize it was unavoidable or no one is really to blame.

Work a compliment into your apology. Aquarians thrive on praise and positive reinforcement, so it is better to say something along the lines that will help reinforce this while apologizing. For example: “I really love how you do xyz for me, and I was wrong to criticize your way of doing it, because that is what makes you so special and unique.” Sometimes presenting it as a logical and stimulating discussion can help him open enough to talk about what happened and how to fix it.

Creativity can help many apologies go over much more smoothly. It’s very important for you to take into consideration the common Aquarius likes and dislikes to help you plan your apology. The more creative you can be in asking for forgiveness, as well as the more effort you put into it, the more likely he will be accepting and forgiving.

It’s never easy apologizing to anyone, but with these tips on how to apologize to an Aquarius man, it can be a little easier.


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