Compatibility for Scorpios: Who is Scorpio Most Compatible With?

Compatibility for Scorpios - Who is Scorpio Most Compatible With - scorpio-compatibilityIt can seem difficult to determine who is the Scorpio most compatible with, especially since the characteristics of their sign can often conflict with many others. Fortunately, compatibility for Scorpios is not as complex as it may seem, as long as the Scorpio learns to harness his or her emotions.

The Scorpio zodiac sign has many traits that can make relationships difficult, no matter what the sign of the other person may be. They can be overly sensitive and defensive, jealous and controlling, and easily resentful if they have not learned how to control their emotions and to use their traits in a positive way. Before you start any relationship with any zodiac sign, it is important for you to know how to deal with your emotions so that you do not let these types of things keep you from you being able to enjoy and express your exciting, passionate, and devotion.

Scorpios can be very passionate in relationships, and they value honesty and fidelity, so the best zodiac love matches for this sign are those in which the Scorpio will feel secure, not controlled, and someone he or she can share their strong and passionate emotions with.

Here are the best compatible signs for Scorpio:

Cancer: A Cancer and Scorpio relationship may be slow to start, especially since both of these water signs can be difficult to open up to one another about their strong feelings. However, once they get to know each other well, this is a good match, especially since Cancer is not the type to do anything that would cause the Scorpio to become upset or jealous.

Capricorn: Capricorn can be another good sign for Scorpio relationships. Capricorns are more reserved, and therefore again do not do anything that would cause the Scorpio to become jealous or resentful. Rather than seeing the Scorpio as possessive, the Capricorn will feel great security in this match.

Pisces: Pisces is a water sign, and is also usually a compatible sign with Scorpio. Pisces can be dependent and they will find great security with the Scorpio. Pisces will open the Scorpio up to new creative experiences, while the Scorpio will help the Pisces to be more focused.

Worst Matches for Scorpio:

Aries: The Aries likes control and freedom and the Scorpio can be possessive and more drawn to being settled down – which typically spells for disaster. It can be very hard for the Aries to feel comfortable by the Scorpio’s controlling tendencies, and the Scorpio will be very jealous and resentful of the Aries social activities.

Leo: Leos love attention and being social – which is usually a recipe for disaster for the Scorpio who can quickly become jealous of their mate’s attention from others, especially those of the opposite sex.

Sagittarius: A Sagittarius loves freedom and going places and doing things – and this can often be too much for the possessive Scorpio. Sagittarius does not like to be dominated, and this can also cause issues as well.

Aquarius: This is another relationship headed for disaster, especially since Aquarius hates possessiveness and control. The Aquarius is emotionally detached, and will likely many times inadvertently do or say things that will greatly upset the sensitive Scorpio.

Gemini: While the Gemini and Scorpio can be great friends, they don’t tend to do well in romantic endeavors. This again boils down to issues with trust – since Gemini is very social and the Scorpio not so much.

Libra: Libras and Scorpios may hit it off well at first, but it is not a relationship that will last through the test of time, especially since charming Libra does not readily accept the dominating style of the Scorpio.

Variable Signs for Compatibility With Scorpio:

Scorpio: When two people have a lot of the same personality traits it can either be hit or miss. Having so much in common is always a plus – but it can be very hard with the controlling tendencies of Scorpio, since neither wants to be controlled but both want control.

Taurus: Taurus is another hit or miss match up for Scorpio. The Taurus can be very loyal and so possessiveness will likely not be an issue – but their stubborn qualities can be a problem with someone who is dominating.

Have any thoughts about the compatibility matches for Scorpio? Have you been in a relationship with a Scorpio or are you a Scorpio who has noticed things about the people you’ve been in relationships with? Share your experiences in the comments section below.


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    Out of a libra cancer and Aquarius which is the best match for a gemini does anyone by chance have any ideas it’s hard to decide on my own judgement

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