Interpreting Capricorn Men: Understanding a Capricorn Male’s Behavior

Interpreting Capricorn Men - Understanding a Capricorn Male's Behaviorcapricorn-man-150x150It can be hard understanding a Capricorn male’s behavior. Fortunately, once you grasp a good knowledge of the common characteristics this sign displays, interpreting Capricorn men gets much easier.

Capricorns are born between December 23rd and January 19th. They are typically ambitious and goal driven in nature, but are not bold and aggressive but rather often seem quiet, shy, and reserved to many until you get to know them better. They like a strong, secure and stable environment.

When you are using this information to try to interpret the Capricorn Male, it can be tricky to decipher how these things factor into their behavior and actions.

In relationships, Capricorns don’t appreciate game playing and crave serious, committed relationships. This is great if you are looking for something long-term, though you may not know that your mate feels this way, since they don’t always express what they are thinking or feeling. While it is a common Capricorn women’s characteristic to start planning the relationship details from day one, this isn’t something males do as much. They instead may take great care to plan an evening out to make sure every last detail is covered. Their attention to detail and ability to plan everything is there way of showing their mate they are loved and romanced. You may not get a bouquet of roses from your Capricorn man, but you can be assured that any and all romantic gestures are very carefully thought out before execution and gifts have a very practical usefulness.

Capricorns are very private emotionally – it can be difficult to get them to open up and talk about their feelings and emotions. Many Capricorns are known to be the “strong, silent” types, especially in times of chaos. Women who love to talk a lot with their mates may find this frustrating that they can’t get their partner to open up or talk more. This results in your mate having a mysterious demeanor, which is why it is so hard to understand and interpret them. It is like he has built a fortress wall all around himself – and it is only after time he may finally begin to slowly let those walls down.

One of the things you can do to get your mate to open up is to talk about things such as goals and dreams. Capricorns will make every effort to reach those goals, and they do not stop until they are achieved. Often times when you discuss these types of things it can help them feel more comfortable and then lead them into opening up to talking about more things as well.

Communication does not need to be a problem however. If you explain to him that you need to be told things in a certain way, he will do his best to do what is necessary to help you.

The ideal mate for a Capricorn man is someone who can be emotionally strong and is driven, but does not compete for the role of who is in charge. Because these signs are very ambitious and motivated, it may seem that they are work-a-holics or married to their job. Once they become focused on something, it is difficult for them to become distracted until the goal is reached.

Capricorn men like to see results, and they enjoy things that are pleasurable. Some may misconstrue this as materialistic, but it is usually just that they find enjoyment in these things. With the right partner, they can be very sensual and exciting.

Do you have any insight on interpreting a Capricorn male’s behavior? Share it in the comments below.


12 Responses to Interpreting Capricorn Men: Understanding a Capricorn Male’s Behavior

  1. C.M.

    I am great friends with a capricorn man. I known this guy for about five months (around there) and until recently he has truely opened up. I’m not saying that all other capricorn men will take five months to open up, but when my friend opened up he definitely let me in. I could feel when the wall came down…

    • jennifer

      i am married to a capricorn man for three years and have been with him for four, and he is just now starting to open up!!!!!! glad to know ists just a personality thing!!!!

  2. sweetpea

    I am left totatally confused by capricorn men. I had gotten very close to this capricorn guy and have known him for 2 years till he went abroad for his job. When he was leaving he got distant and cold. His reason was I am preparing myself. I really tried to stay in touch with him, I used to call him regularly and worte to him. What I got in return were sporadic emails. I eventually gave up and stopped the writing and calling. Guess what!! he calls me out of the blue yesterday!! I am shocked! talks to like nothing ever happened. I am confused it took me 6 months to get over him.

  3. Sam

    My husband is a Capricorn. We have been together for 4 years but recently separated. I am a Leo, so not the best combination. We are totally different and I have had a hard time understanding him! For Capricorn men it takes patience to understand the odd things they do and their demeanor, but me being the Leo woman I am, I don’t have the patience. But we are “working” on it, it takes two!

  4. BM

    I just started dating a capricorn male and he is extremely affectionate when we are out dating however i have noticed he only texts me once daily and might call at night when we are apart. I am starting to think that he is normally distant and me being a leo woman find it hard to get used to. I am used to being pampered and spoiled when i am with my man and away from him. It definately will be some work getting used to this personality.

  5. ziah

    I had a relationship with capricorn guy.I have struggled to get to know him and to know what he wants. Its confusing. Im a libra and like to express the way i feel, and he doesn’t at all. He is a good listener though, and is a comforter.Ive tried to rekindle with him, but he’s so focused on pursuing his dream. He first wants to succeed, then we can have a future.But how long will that take?I can’t wait for that. But i love though, and i know he does too.

  6. Amna

    I have been with a Cap for almost 3 years now and I am a Leo myself so I can relate to the comments above. I do not have patience and knowing a Cap you need a lot of them, but so far it has been working out. Went through all these up’s and downs but something abt him just clicks and I know hes my soulmate. I would love for the relationship to prosper but I wish he wouldnt move at a turtles speed and to make matters worse its a long distance relationship so Im always doing the communicating and sometimes it feels like hes so happy in his own world and maybe I should just let him be.

  7. Amy

    Hello Everyone! I’ve known my Capricorn since we were in junior high and high school. We grew up lost contact and even back in the old days the two of us ran in different circles. We recently got back in touch via Facebook almost two years ago and we recently started seeing each other with the intention to date like 3 1/2 months ago. My BF is a Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Venus Pisces. I am a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Virgo Venus. And according to chinese Astrology, he is a Dragon, and I am a HORSE. lol…you may laugh, but, all of that plays a huge part in the way two people deal and interact with each other. Now according to the zodiac, both Chinese and American, my BF and I are pretty well matched up, except for our sun signs. And let me tell you, “OMG”, do we clash! I am a happy, friendly, generous, bubbly person, that loves to talk and converse, I mean, really…I never met a thought I didn’t share! And he’s, the brooding type, negative, pessimistic, shy, standoffish, sort of tight with money, and having a fluid conversation about random trivial topics with him is like, pulling teeth! He’s moody and nothing I do seems to be well enough, no where near right, yet, he sticks with me. He very punctual, well, Imma a LEO danm it IM LATE! That really drives him up the wall and bonkers! I stay in limbo with him and it’s starting to make me loose interest. Supposedly I match up better with my fellow fire signs such as Saggitarius and Aries, but, I can’t seem to meet one of those guys to save my life. Next in line would be Libra and Gemini. Dated both of them, but, they both have e fierce tendancy to cheat! Again Im a LEO! Loyalty is my instinctive charistic for relationships. Intellectually, some what philosophically, and morally, Capricorn/Leo is an ideal match up; but, again, “OMG” when it comes to, emotionally, financially and socially! We are both stubborn and set in our ways, and neither one of us is willing to budge an inch, if anyone does do the budging…it’s ALWAYS ME. And ofcourse I have to let him know every step of the way and remind him afterwards as well. It’s hilarious! It’s so difficult! Here’s the thing, we have dynamic earth shattering sex that is just absolutely binding! I hate to say this, but, I believe that is the glue that binds for now. It’s terrible and I recent it, but, it’s like we have each other by the crotch! Hilarious. Go figure.

  8. Lady J

    I am a Cancer woman who use to date a Capricorn man about a year and a half. He was very loving in the begining of the relationship, but 9 months into the relationship I found out he was calling and texting his ex. The relationship of course hasn’t been the same since. Even though I have made attempts to forgive and forget, and try to move forward with the relationship, there was always something he would do or say that let me know the relationship was not going to work out. There were times when even he had said it himself., Like this aint going to work, so anyway with that being said, I now realize that he has always thought and felt like he could do better as far as choosing another woman to be with. He has a-lot of female friends that he do call, text, and talk to besides his ex, that I have never meet. I finially ended the relationship at the end of January of this year relaizing he was just way to: Arrogant, Selfish, Controlling, Stubborn and Unemtional for me, ( a Liar and a Cheater) It became all about him and his needs and wants, while slowly pushing me away. Never again in this life will I date a Capricorn man. Not to mention he’s 55y/o. (WTH)…OPS-forgot to mention he’s a Bible Thumber/Holy Roller, if that makes a difference.

  9. Kia

    I’ve recently started seeing a Capricorn guy. When we’re together we’re extremely affectionate, especially him. It’s always an amazing time, just full of cuddling and kissing. He even planned for us to go an a day trip together. The only problem is when we’re not together, he never bothers to text me or anything (he’s only text me once). I’m always the one texting him and I always feel needy and clingy doing that. Yet he always responds and we end up chatting for about an hour..he even opens up to me a little. He seems to be interested but perhaps taking it very slow. He does have a lot of the Capricorn traits though, i.e. hard worker, shy, but also caring, affectionate and respectful towards me. I’m so confused as to what he wants, I can’t tell if he’s interested or not. Should I wait for him to text me, if he ever does?

  10. AC

    I have been with a Cap man for the last eight years. Most of the time he isnt affectionate and he isnt one that gives compliments. He can be very bossy and he has a tendency to act very domineering. He can be sweet, but its on his terms and that isnt often. He does not tell me how he feels about me and that makes me CRAZY because I am a Taurus woman and I love to express my feelings. He is the type of person that can put up a wall and you will never know what he’s thinking.
    He is a great dad and once he matures more, I believe he will be a better man.

  11. Babs

    Wow!!!! Can i relate to these post about the Capricorn man. Virgo woman here married to cap man for 6yrs, 2gether 8yr. N beginning he was sweet, shy, a good listener & loved hanging out with me. If I got sick he was there @ my bedside. I couldn’t wait to get home from work 2 c him. Yes I know it’s like that in the beginning of relationships, but like I said Virgo woman we tend not to be mushy. N the last couple of yrs sometimes I think he hates me.

    AC posted cap man “can b sweet on his terms & isn’t often” SO TRUE! Also “Bossy & tendency to b domineering”

    Lady J said “arrogant, selfish, controlling, stubborn (that’s so true) & unemotional.
    ” has lots of female friends ” My cap man has always had them since childhood.
    Lady J, trust me it’s nothing 2 do with him being a bible thumper.

    Amy your capricorn sounds exactly like mine “Negative & pessimistic.” And forget about random trivia. Also mine is moody. And believe me nothing I do is well enough & no where right.
    I swear from the time my cap man wakes up he’s on the bitching road. I can’t stand it.
    He treats all of his family like this but I know I get the worse of it.

    Ziah mentioned cap man is a good listener & comforter. Mine was too, to a female Libra friend. I was furious that he was the person I first met around her, but it didn’t take long he started acting as if he hated her as well.
    I read somewhere that the capricorn man & virgo woman is the best match in the zodiac.
    OMG you’ve got to be kidding me if that’s so I’d hate to see what the other zodiac signs are like with the cap man.
    I know mine doesn’t make sense he’s not specific sometimes I have no clue what he’s talking about. Yet, I’m supposed to read his mind? HELLUR?? I’m to the point I avoid him, he acts like a dictator sometimes.
    There’s definitely no stimulating conversation. I need my brain fed with knowledge (virgo trait that’s true for me).
    He thinks out loud way too much
    ( his work, future goals and things he wants to accomplish) drives me nuts it’s nails on a chalkboard. I want to tell him to keep it in his head.
    His last long relationship with a virgo? She dumped him.

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