Pisces Physical Appearance

Pisces Physical Appearance - pisces-physical-traits-150x150Those born under the same zodiac sign often have similar physical characteristics as well. It’s not surprising then that many of the Pisces physical appearance traits can be seen in those who share the creative and emotional personality of this zodiac sign.

The Pisces symbol is the dual fish sign, which sometimes also resembles their physical traits. For example, many associate their liking for snug or tight fitting clothes to be that like a fish has scales. This is a sign of extremes, so it is also likely for many born of this sign to be one extreme of another, though some are lucky and able to achieve the perfect balance.

Body Shape and Build

Their body shape and build can vary, though they are usually not very tall and tend to be a bit stocky or sturdy. Their bodies are usually plump or well rounded, and unfortunately this is a sign that is obesity prone, due to their tendency to be very emotional as well as to go to extremes – overeating and eating for emotional reasons is common. They are also prone to addictions, and food addiction is a common one, especially if they are against alcohol or drug use. On the other side of the spectrum however you may find very thin and athletic Pisces, who may have taken the extreme route on diet, fitness, and nutrition.

Facial Features

Their facial features are usually very attractive and somewhat charming. Looking into their eyes you will often see a dreamlike look and they can sometimes be mesmerizing. Their faces are usually rounded or angular in shape and they tend to have a wide mouth. Their skin complexion is usually fair, and generally unblemished.


Pisces like to wear snugly fitting clothing, as it makes them feel more secure and comfortable. They often find and create their own style. Being very expressive and creative, their clothing style typically will express their personality and individuality.

Behavior and Mannerisms

The Pisces may sometimes seem clumsy, but they can actually be quite graceful, as they are very go with the flow type of people and so their mannerisms are usually smooth. Pisces have a gentle touch that makes it easy for them to get along with many people and they are usually not intimidated.

Pisces Feet

Pisces are ruled by the feet, and so often the general care they take for their feet will have a greater impact on their overall health and happiness. Their feet can either be petite or delicate or sometimes they may be quite large. It is in the Pisces best interest to care for their feet, and so well manicured toes or even decorative footwear can boost their mood.

These are just a few of the many common Pisces physical characteristics and appearance traits they exhibit. You may also want to read the Pisces Beauty Profile for more insight on their appearance.

What physical characteristics of Pisces have you noticed? Share them in the comments section below.


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