August 23, 2014

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility: Do a Capricorn and Scorpio Match?

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility - Do a Capricorn and Scorpio Match - capricorn-scorpio-love-match-150x150Many people are often confused about Capricorn and Scorpio compatibility and whether or not they make a good zodiac love match. To understand how these two work together, it’s a good start to understand each sign individually first.

Capricorns are very practical people, and often somewhat cautious when it comes to relationships and dating. Capricorns don’t usually open up and express themselves very easily, which can make it difficult for them to get to know someone better and on a more intimate level.

Scorpios are typically characterized as being powerful and intense, yet also secretive and withdrawn. Scorpios must learn how to control both their energy and emotions to be successful in love and relationships.

While these two signs at first glance do not seem like a compatible love match, they actually share quite a number of common characteristics.

Here are some of the common characteristics that both Scorpio and Capricorn possess:

Center of Attention: Neither likes to draw attention to each other and often you will find both somewhat withdrawn and quiet in social situations if they do not feel comfortable.

No Game Playing: Both do not like game playing in relationships and deeply value trust, loyalty, and honesty.

Commitment: Both signs take commitment seriously and when searching for a mate look for someone they see long term potential in. One night stands and meaningless relationships do not typically appeal to either sign.

Ambition: Both are ambitious with a strong desire to succeed. The two signs work together to achieve their dreams and harness each other’s power well to meet success.

Like all relationships, there will be some challenges these two signs may have to face from time to time. The first challenge for many is getting to know each other. Both signs are prone to being quiet and not talking about emotions openly, and so it can take some time for each other to truly get to know one another and feel at a level of openness for good relationship communication.

Scorpios can often be hot headed and quick to react to different situations – the Capricorn has the patience to help the Scorpio learn how to control and harness these emotions.

Neither person likes to feel controlled, so it is also important that neither attempts to control the other. When matched together, these two signs can be very powerful – but they must each rule together – not one with all of the power.

All in all, Scorpio and Capricorn relationships can work out to be very successful. As long as both signs are understanding of each other’s characteristics, the answer to “Do Capricorn and Scorpio Match?” is a resounding yes.

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