August 9, 2014

Traits of a Gemini

Traits of a Gemini - gemini-150x150Gemini traits and personality characteristics can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint, but once you have a good understanding of these it is much easier to understand this sign and develop solid relationships with them. They are born between May 21st and June 20th, and their symbol is the Twins. Because of this, they are dual natured, having both a “good” side and a “bad” side. While it would be extreme to say Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, that is an example to show how they can have almost two different personalities at times.

The Gemini is usually good natured and enjoys having fun and seeking the amusements in life. They are often attributed to having child like qualities and demeanor, even well into adult hood. It is not they don’t want to grow up – they are just more intrigued by having fun and pursuing new interests than settling down into a boring and predictable rut.

They are constantly taking up new activities – maybe one day it is scuba diving, the next they are into mountain climbing. Their attention span is a short one, and so it is difficult for them to stay focused on any one particular thing for long. Because of this, they may start something one day but not finish it, or to abandon it for the next thing that interests them more. However, once they find something they are good at or is stimulating enough, they will likely get hooked, especially if continues to stay interesting.

Geminis are very intelligent and cunning, and they tend to think quickly. Trivia interests them, and they like to learn a little bit about everything. They are very intellectual, though studying may be not their strong point, since that quickly becomes boring and routine. Many Geminis will pursue multiple degrees in school, though they’ll need to be careful to not become burnt out from it. They are very analytical, and then to overthink a lot of situations – seeing everything from both sides. This can cause them to be a bit indecisive at sometimes.

Geminis tend to seem like they have multiple personalities sometimes, and those who are close to them will need to know all of these different personalities to understand them. They can sometimes seem hypocritical or conflicting, which can make it hard to predict how they will act or react in certain situations.

Geminis are good at verbal communication and talking to others. They are not afraid to say what they are thinking. They tend to have a flair for gossip, so they are the ones to turn to if you want to know what everyone else is up to.  Because of their easy going nature they tend to make friends relatively easily and quickly, and they will have many acquaintances everywhere.

Geminis place value on trust and loyalty, but it is difficult for them to follow through with these things because they are often self serving, and so they will do what benefits them the most – even if it not loyal or trustworthy.

In relationships, it is key for the relationship to be kept interesting and exciting in order for there to be commitment – otherwise they may lose interest in their partner rather easily. Geminis can often have issues with trust and jealousy because of this, since they are not the type who like to settle down. But, as long as the relationship is full of excitement and changes and things, long term commitment is possible. They can be very fun partners, and often seek to start out as friends before moving onto a romantic relationship.

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