August 21, 2014

What is the Best Match for Leo

What is the Best Match for Leo - leo-zodiac-love-matches-150x150If you born between July 21st and August 20th, you may be wondering what is the best match for Leo for dating and relationships. Fortunately, Leos are usually easy to get along with and go well with a number of different zodiac signs.

The Leo’s symbol is the lion, and they possess many qualities that are similar. They like to be in charge, to be the boss. Ruled by the sun, it may sometimes also seem they like to be the center of the universe. They aim to make others happy and are all heart in nearly everything they do.

Here are the best matches for a Leo:

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a great match for Leo, especially because they will not try to control him or her. As a fire sign, they will enjoy the warmth the Leo brings.

Gemini: The Leo will not feel controlled in this relationship, and has a heart big enough to love all of the different personalities of the Gemini.

Libra: The social and easy going nature of the Libra will go well with the same traits of Leo. There will rarely be control issues, since while Libra likes to dominate, the Leo will be the decision maker in the relationship. This will be a secure relationship that never gets boring or routine.

Worst Matches for Leos:

Capricorn: Capricorns like to dominate, and they are very practical – they also tend to not show or express their emotions very well. This could cause a lot of problems for the Leo who doesn’t like to be controlled, can be a little dramatic and extravagant, and constantly needs appreciation and attention.

Cancer: Cancer is a water sign, so it is not surprising it does not go well with the fire sign of Leo. Cancers will not appreciate Leo’s spending habits, nor will they enjoy the constant activity.

Virgo: The Virgo is a perfectionist, and likes everything a certain way, which isn’t going to go well with the Leo who hates criticism and control.

Scorpio: The Scorpio is not social, and so trust and security issues will definitely arrise with the center of attention loving and social Leo.

Pisces: The moody and sensitive Pisces will not do well with the straightforward style of the Leo, and it will be hard for both of them to get and give the attention in a relationship they need.

Variable Signs for Leo:

Aries: Aries and Leos can get along well, but it is important that the dominating Aries does not try to control the Leo, or problems will ensue.

Aquarius: Aquarius can be a very good match for Leo, as long as the Aquarius is not so busy that he or she forgets to give the Leo the attention he or she needs. The other problem that may ensue is that Leo likes to dominate, and Aquarius needs a lot of freedom.

Leo: Two Leos together can either be wonderful or awful. Both have similiar personality traits and will be very understanding of one another. The only problems they may run into is when one tries to dominate. If clear rules are set up from the beginning as to how decisions are made and they share the kingdom together they can be very happy and like the king and queen.

Do you have any relationship experiences about Leo compatibility? What do you think is the best match for Leo? Share it in the comments section below.