August 21, 2014

Libra Men Characteristics

Libra Men Characteristics - libra-man-characteristics-150x150There are many characteristics of the Libra man that can sometimes be admirable. He lives a well balanced life, as their sign’s symbol is the scales, and their ability to see the good and bad sides of everything can make them very good at judging and balancing fairness and equality in life.

Libra men enjoy social activities and conversations with others. He can sometimes be flirtatious, and it is easy for those to be attracted to him and captivated by his good natured spirit. They are very kind and gentle.

If you want a man who will listen to you, empathize with you, and help cheer you up on a bad day, you would do well to go with a Libra man. He can be very intuitive to the emotions and feelings of others, and will always be a strong shoulder for you to cry on. He will be the guy that others count on to help them realize everything will be okay and he is good as reassuring.

Libra men like to live a well balanced life, so it is likely he will be sensible.  However, just because they like things to be well balanced that does not mean they are boring or don’t like to have fun. Libras like to keep things interesting and as an air sign they like to socialize with others. They are very charming and friendly, and so this does not suit well with the jealous types, especially since Libra men have a reputation of being a little too friendly. While he doesn’t intend to be unfaithful and certainly doesn’t want to hurt anyone, their flirtatious personality and deep empathy and caring for others can sometimes do more harm than good, especially in matters of staying faithful in relationships. It is too easy for him to fall in love with more than one person. However, not all Libra men are like this, and many of course are able to stay in a very loving and caring relationship without problems.

If you are dating a Libra man, you will be happy to know he will pay attention to your needs and be very caring to make sure you are happy. You will feel like he truly understands you, because it is likely that he does.

Libra men are usually attracted to beautiful women, even if they are not the nicest or most caring of people. This can sometimes set him up for disappointment, since beauty can sometimes only be skin deep. If you are looking to date a Libra man, you will want to make sure you appear attractive to him.

He tends to like to learn everything about a subject as much as possible. This quest for knowledge and the need to look at everything from both sides can sometimes leave him indecisive. While he has many pursuits and interests, it can be hard to rush him into anything.

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