August 30, 2014

What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini?

What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini - gemini-relationships-compatibility-150x150Knowing Gemini relationship compatibility can help you to determine what signs are compatible with Gemini and make for excellent relationships – as well as which signs are not good zodiac love matches and to avoid. When you understand why some signs may not be good matches, both partners can even sometimes use that to their advantage to make it work, even if they are not compatible.

The Gemini is an air sign, which means they tend to do best with other Air signs. Their dual natured personality can sometimes be difficult to understand, but they can make for excellent mates if the relationship is kept fresh and exciting.

Here are some of the best signs for Gemini relationships:

Aries:  Both Aries and Gemini have a desire to explore and try new things, which can help keep the two of them happy and satisfied. They are very similiar in nature and while the Aries tends to like control, the Gemini is smart and witty enough to know how to make the Aries feel like he or she is in control without actually giving it up to him or her. As long as this pair keeps their relationship interesting and dynamic, it can be a very happy and healthy union with long term potential.

Libra: Libra is one of the best matches for Gemini, as they are both very passionate and enjoy learning new things. Both have a lighthearted nature and have what it takes to keep the relationship fresh and exciting enough for them both.

Aquarius: Aquarians are very spontaneous and constantly changing, which suits the Gemini quite well. They make for great friends who often turn into partners and the relationship can be one that is satisfying and lasting.

These are the worst signs for Gemini:

Scorpio: Scorpio’s reserved and controlling nature is no match for the fun and flirty style of the Gemini. The Gemini likes people – the Scorpio would rather be alone. Jealousy and trust issues will likely abound.

Taurus: While the Taurus makes for an excellent mate, they are more apt for stability, security, and settling down, where the Gemini is more of one to look for excitement and adventure. These different personality traits will likely clash – especially when the stubborn Taurus who hates change is met with the dual sided Gemini perspective.

Capricorn: Capricorns tend to be reserved, more cautious, while the Gemini is easy going and excitable. Capricorns will likely not have the patience to deal with the Gemini free spirit and when the Capricorn wants to settle down, the Gemini will likely not be too receptive of that.

Pisces: Pisces are very emotional and sensitive – Geminis tend to speak before thinking. It is too easy to hurt the Pisces feelings in this relationship, and it will likely be that they are constantly arguing or fighting. Jealousy and trust issues will also come into play, making it difficult for either of them to truly feel happy in this type of relationship, even though it may be a passionate one.

Cancer: Cancer likes security, calmness, while the Gemini is more aloof and non committal. While the Cancer likes to be in touch emotionally, the Gemini is more of a physical and mental connection type – and so this can be a relationship full of misunderstandings and different perspectives.

Neutral Signs for Gemini:

Leo: Leos can often get along well with Gemini, as long as the Leo is understanding of the Gemini’s need for freedom and the Gemini takes care to give his or her Leo mate the attention and adoration he or she needs. The rest of the time they will be busy enjoying one another’s company that they will likely not worry about any small differences.

Gemini: Two Geminis can make for an excellent combination, though they can also sometimes struggle as well. They’ll both be great conversationalists and deeply enjoy each other’s interests, but this relationship can sometimes struggle with security.

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