Taurus Men Characteristics

Taurus Men Characteristics - taurus-men-150x150Taurus men have many defining characteristics and personality traits that make them very desirable as partners and friends. They are the type of guy that many women would be quite content with as a husband, especially if their hope is to settle down and to start a family together, since they are ideal candidates for long term relationships.

While this sign’s symbol is the bull, which many people associate with being rough, stubborn, or angry, he will actually most of the time seem like a very calm, friendly person. They are known to have a temper, but this is typically only when provoked, and they don’t usually stay angry for very long. Their temper will only flare if his values of honesty and loyalty are threatened.

One thing you will notice about Taurus men is that they are very strong, especially emotionally though usually physically as well. They have great endurance, and can withstand a lot of things without a single complaint. Taurus men don’t talk about emotional issues very often, simply vecause they are not usually bothered or ruled by them. They view life very practically – and so they know that being overly emotional is not going to help them advance in life. They do not cry easily, so it is quite likely you may know a Taurus man your entire life and never see them shed a single tear.

He is an excellent worker, and will likely hold a stable job. Taurus men like stability and security, and to them knowing where their next paycheck is coming from is important to them. He is not a great risk taker, and he will usually work in the same place for quite awhile – and making any changes would take much deliberation and planning. He is dependable and the type of guy you can count on to be there for you, no matter what the situation may be.

He will not be one to spend money irresponsibly either, though he may enjoy to have nice things. Everything he buys will be very practical, such as a GPS system or a tool he can use. If it does not have a practical use, he will likely not have it. You may notice a Taurus man is likely to hold onto things for a very long time – he does not like to see anything go to waste. He will keep things that don’t seem useful but they may be useful someday. A large tool shed, home office, or garage space for storage is a must for this guy!

Taurus men are not adventurous or risk takers. They are not one to go on a wild adventure or live out some lavish fantasy. They are not the type to do wild crazy things, and seldom will you be upset at him for going out all night long with his friends and not calling you.  If you are looking for security and stability, he is your man. If you want whirlwind romance, you may wish to look elsewhere.

This is not to say he is not romantic however. He is the type to bring flowers or treat you to a nice evening out with good food. He enjoys spending time with family and friends. He will make you feel cared about and loved – and best of all, is the kind of guy who will offer to help you with dishes or laundry or other household tasks.

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3 Responses to Taurus Men Characteristics

  1. lexi

    taurus men are very possessive! dont get on their bad side because thats when there temper comes in place! im a cancer woman and i learned from my relationship with a taurus man! other then that they are very nice,friendly and warm-hearted guys you will ever meet!

  2. jenn

    The Taurus men I have dated have all been unfaithful or wanderers. Something to note and look out for.

  3. zaf

    Taurus man r too much possessive and stubborn. they don’t like changing their decisions. They want to have control on u. If u r an Aquarius plz dont hv serious commitment with them.

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