Virgo as a Lover & In Relationships

Virgo as a Lover & In Relationships - virgo-as-a-lover-150x150What can you expect from Virgo as a lover? If you’re attracted to a Virgo or in a relationship with one, here are some things to take into consideration and some tips for making the relationship work out.

Common traits of Virgo include being a perfectionist, being responsible, liking things a certain way, and an analytical mind. Understanding these things better will help you improve your relationship with a Virgo and make it a happy relationship that can have long lasting potential.

When you first meet your Virgo, you may feel at first that they are shy and quiet, or even cold and anti-social. It is not that Virgo does not like people – it is simply that he or she is somewhat reserved and very guarded of his or her emotions. It can take a long time to really get to know your Virgo love interest, and so patience in getting them to open up to you is a must. A conversation of small talk is necessary in order to get them to trust you with their thoughts and feelings. They are not very trusting people, and so you will have to work hard to earn that trust.

Once you get to know your Virgo lover a little better, you will likely notice that he or she is very analytical and practical. He or she won’t be the type to do irresponsible things on a regular basis, which is a good trait to have if you are looking for a long term stable and secure relationship.

The Virgo will be cautious at first, and may play hard to get. They don’t like to rush into anything, and they really won’t want to have relationships that aren’t meaningful. If you’re thinking of a short term relationship for whirlwind romance with a Virgo, you’d be better to look at other signs such as Aries or Aquarius, since the Virgo typically wishes to be in long term relationships. They like security and stability, and take relationships seriously.

Virgos are the type who will keep everything between you private, so you will not have to worry about him or her telling everyone they know about what the two of you do. They do not “kiss and tell” so to speak.

Virgos can stay single for quite a long time, because they have a list of ideals of what will make the perfect mate, and it can be hard to find someone who meets all of this criteria. The Virgo can sometimes be very critical of the one he or she is in a relationship with, and it’s important for Virgos to instead focus on finding the good points of their mate rather than pinpointing all of the bad. The person who is dating a Virgo should not take the criticism seriously, but rather see it as constructive criticism or to do things to help their Virgo mate learn to accept that no one is perfect.

In physical relationships, it can take Virgo awhile to warm up and be comfortable, but it can quickly turn into quite the passionate scene. They enjoy the typical traditional romance and all of the classical romantic endeavors.

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3 Responses to Virgo as a Lover & In Relationships

  1. Maria

    im a virgo and NO WONDER! i just thought it was just me that acts this way. well at least now i know why im like this! o and i was wondering what sign should a virgo date or be interested in?

  2. Kate

    I am a virgo, and so is the guy i like. I am so glad that i found this passage because i found it very interesting. :)


    Am a Virgo so is my man. funny how We both seem to do things alike and think in almost same direction in every situation. was wondering how till I came across this.

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